10 Thing Survival Mindset

Today more than ever, women are traveling around the globe pursuing their career goals. And as good as we are, we must remain vigilant because women are often seen as easy crime targets, often times by virtue of our own behaviors. This can be said about men as well. Generally speaking, many instances of violence have occurred that could have been avoided with some of the precautions that we will share with you.


How did you get started on a career in compliance?
I got started in compliance by chance: my mom taught me that if I wanted to learn I needed to volunteer, seek opportunities. When my boss asked who wanted to look at the OIG guidance and prepare a summary of proposed actions to share with the team, I volunteered and got the assignment.

Ethiprax Associates Summary, 2017

Leaders rely on compliance and ethics programs to reduce risk through oversight, investigations, corrective action and other measures. Respect among authorities, customers, and employees results from a leadership compliance and ethics program.

Ethiprax can design and implement your company’s compliance and ethics program, or assess and enhance your existing program. We emphasize Leadership Compliance/Risk Management practices through a top down approach to ethical mindfulness at all levels of an organization. We help clients reinforce instinctive ethical values, and consistently “choose the harder right, rather than the easier wrong”. This helps organizations lead the way in doing well, while doing what is right.

Ethiprax Crisis Preparedness Training

Process Map identifies strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in preparedness plans and processes
Critical Path (CP): those activities and sequencing which are essential to effective crisis management, business continuity, and recovery
CP Elements form the basis of exercise scenarios

Competency in Critical Path is the objective of exercises

Ethiprax Review Compliance Auditing & Monitoring

1. Auditing Versus Monitoring
2. Compliance Auditing Examines & Documents
3. Compliance Monitoring Continually Assesses
4. Some Available Standards & Guidance
5. Additional Information

Ethiprax Risk Assessment and Crisis Management

• Establish common understanding of terms
• Examine the boundaries of terms, such as Governance, Risk, Crisis and more
• Not about semantics --- just so we all speak the same language

Ethprax Compliance Training

Risk Assessment
Program Governance & Resources
Guidance Documents
Compliance Controls
Monitoring & Auditing
Investigations & Response
Enforcement, Discipline & Incentives

Military Vs Corporate Concepts Strategy, Operations, Tactics

• Tactics: you, your span of control, budget and objectives. Things you make happen, your department.
• Operations: peer to peer, multi-functional and/or interdepartmental efforts required to accomplish business unit or immediate leader’s objectives.
• Strategy: addressing the “one-over manager’s” agenda, what your supervisor’s boss considers key to accomplish. For a VP, this is action that achieves C-Suite level objectives.

Practical Guidance for Health Care Boards on Compliance Oversight

This educational resource was developed in collaboration between the Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors (AHIA), the American Health Lawyers Association (AHLA), the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA), and the Office of Inspector General (OIG) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Fabiana Lacerca-Allen

When Fabiana Lacerca-Allen was just six years old, Argentine guerillas tried—on three separate occasions—to kidnap her. The daughter of Carlos Lacerca, an Argentine politician working to unseat the National Reorganization Process (a military dictatorship that controlled Argentina from 1976 until 1983), she was not an easy target. Not only did the attempted kidnappings fail, but they transformed Lacerca-Allen into a lifelong crusader for all things fair, just, and good. Now a chief compliance officer in the United States, she continues to draw on her radical childhood experiences to guide her through a different kind of tumult: corporate America.